12 Things to Never Say to Your Child’s Teacher

It’s better to leave these topics out of classroom small talk.


You always want to make a good impression on your child’s teacher. After all, they spend more of their day with them than you do! It’s important to be friendly, personable, and kind. And above all, avoid asking them these questions or making these comments. These might be some of the best #MomHacks you get all year! (Here’s one more, though. Save $10 off your first $50 Walmart Online Grocery Pickup order using the code MOMHACKS.) 

1. Did you just graduate college?

No matter how young your child’s new teacher looks, try to avoid asking anything related to age or when they graduated. Remember, you were young once, too.


2. Oh—so you don’t have any kids yourself?

You don’t have to have children to understand them, especially when you work with kids ALL DAY. Some of the best teachers have never had kids, but it doesn’t stop them being from amazing educators.


3. I hated school growing up.

No teacher wants to hear this…ever. After all, how would you feel if someone said how much they hated where you go for a living every day? Even if school wasn’t your thing, keep it to yourself.


4. My child is a genius.

Teachers have a way of picking up on things like kids who are excelling and those who are struggling. Let your genius child do the impressing all on their own.  


5. I know my child is a handful, but…

Don’t be making excuses before the school year even starts. Besides, let the teacher form his or her own opinion. No sense in starting things off on the wrong foot for your child.


6. Why is the pick-up process such a pain?

This is a classic—teachers often hear about the dozens of problems they can’t change like the busing system or the pick-up process. Try to save the complaints until a few weeks into school, and don’t direct everything under the sun to the teacher. (Psst—this is what a principal is for, too!)


7. Can you call me every day after lunch to let me know how my child is doing?

No one likes a helicopter parent. Even if you’re going to e-mail your child’s teacher every other day, try not to be too needy too early.


8. Why do we have to buy so many school supplies?

Chances are, your child’s teacher is already spending a lot of money out of their own pockets on supplies for the classroom. This is the reality for many, so it doesn’t help to complain about how much you just spent. In fact, if you bring in a few extra boxes of tissue, they’ll love you right away.


9. How are you going to challenge my child?

Too soon, too soon—give a few months (or at least a few weeks) before you bring this one up.


10. School fundraisers are such a pain.

Fundraisers are usually held by the school’s PTA group, and the funds often go to pay for things like field trips and other extras. Complaining to the teacher doesn’t help. Join the PTA instead.


11. I hope you don’t give a lot of homework.

Here’s another one where it’s too soon to complain. Homework is there for a reason in most cases, so don’t whine about it in the first days. It’s better to set up a plan to tackle it. 


12. You had the summer off, right? That must be nice.

Just don’t go there. Ever. Never.


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Stacy Tornio

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