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With the school year now in full swing, we want to help your child have the best one yet. That’s why we created a free guide that’s jam-packed with helpful school tips for parents.

Here’s a peek at some of the suggestions you’ll find inside:

Tips for Building Your Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher

It feels good to meet a teacher and see how much care goes into a classroom. Focus on putting dates like open house, conferences, and 1–2 special programs on your calendar. When you are in your child’s classroom, you will feel more connected.

Ideas for Turning Your Kids into Book Lovers

We asked real parents for their best ideas, including: “Cuddle up for reading time first thing in the morning rather than right before they go to bed. You can do both—but the morning is a nice time to captivate their attention without worrying about a before-bed meltdown!”

Parent Hacks to Help Everyone

If your little ones always leave the house with their shoes on the wrong foot, just cut a sticker in half and place one side on each shoe so it goes together like a puzzle. They’ll “see” which is left and right!

Setting Your Morning Routine

We’ve included a “My Morning Routine” poster that we encourage you to hang at eye level in your child’s room. For a few days, use the routine chart with your child and then gradually encourage him or her to take over!

Set aside a few minutes to read the “Family Guide to the Best School Year Ever.” Your kids and their teachers will thank you for keeping this school year on the right track!

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